life lately ; 02 - speak yourself

Monday, 12 August 2019

hey hey hey!
Hows your summer been treating you all? Honestly right now the uk is seeing 33-37 degrees on average this week and although i've just come back from greece where the heat was in the 30's (Celsius), heat like this is just... different in the uk. It's hard to explain but it's like, the air is hot?There's no breeze and it's soo humid. Our building are made to keep the heat in since we're usually a cold country but man... it's fucking out lol. The 5 fans in my house help a little though.

Summer for me kicked off in the best way possible since literally days after I handed in my final essay and went to comic con, I enjoyed what might possibly be one of the best concerts i've ever seen! On the 1st June, BTS' 'Speak Yourself' tour stopped at London, and me, Molly, and Amy, went to see them!

I never really spoke about my love for BTS on here before because honestly, I wouldn't really consider myself an army... I love a lot of their songs and I have my favorite member, but I don't watch their shows religiously or their V lives and concert fancams on youtube like I would for say, Shinee or Seventeen. I do really love the group though, enough to not want to miss huge event. I've been a kpop fan for well over 10 years now and I never would have believed anyone who said a kpop group would sell out 2 dates at Wembley Stadium. that's fucking HUGE! It would be a crime to miss it lol.

A day or so before the concert, let me tell you god was not on my side haha.
You guys remember how I work for disney right? So, I had finished my shift literally ran home to sleep and chill or whatever, as you do lol. I get home, I'm enjoying my afternoon and then Molly texts me this photo saying "hey isn't this your store?!?!?" with this iconic photo! You guys know where this is going right??? :)))))

Yup, J-hope visited my store on the day of my shift, after I had already finished it. What absolute shit luck lmfao. I hate to be bitter but.... WHYYYYYYYYY??? I only went to day one of the concert so the next day when I went back to work, all my colleagues were like "hey that kpop group you like was here! you missed them!" :))) All I could do was laugh lol... 

The concert! 

I had a date the night before so I knew I couldn't meet up with Amy and Molly at 6am like they planned lol. They wanted to wait in line for the 3D studio so they left early. I met up with them around 1pm? Guys let me tell you, everything looked so beautiful. As soon as you came out of the station you could see all the banners with the members faces on it leading right up to the stadium! 

I quickly met up with them and from then on I just had a really amazing time! They lined up with me to pick up my light stick and then we went to eat and cool down since it was super hot. The restaurant we went to was playing BTS the whole time, we walked in and was like "???huh" lol but the food was great and so were the staff! After that we got a few drinks and went straight inside the stadium an hour or so before the show.

The actual concert was incredible! I didn't want to know the set list beforehand to keep it all a surprise for me, and I was blown away from the second it started until the end haha! Not Today is one of my favorite songs from then and I was so shocked when it came up so quickly lol, I thought they would leave it until the end. My favorite part was the solo stages! Seeing all the different sides to the boys was a nice experience, since i'm so used to seeing them as a group it was nice to see them express themselves in their own way, it really suited the concerts theme of 'speaking yourself' hahaa

Suga and Jungkook are my favorite members so of course I enjoyed their songs the most, but Rapmon and J-hope surprised me and I really liked their performances too. Ngl I would skip their songs but after seeing it live I appreciate them a lot more.  I enjoyed the concert so much and felt really grateful for the experience. They performed their heart out and we could tell they were so thankful to be there.

I remember when Shinee was announced to perform at the Korean film festival in 2011? and only 200 tickets were going for it. I remember attending Super Juniors and Big Bang's Wembley Arena concerts 2012 with tears in my eyes thinking no way is this happening. I remember meeting Key, the members of Suju, Infinite, Beast, 4minute, and so many more groups who one by one just kept showing up to perform for us each year. From only being able to see short 240p clips of concerts and variety shows in 20 parts on youtube, so getting all of it right to my front door? I'm really grateful I got to experience kpop since the start of the hallyu wave. Seeing BTS perform in a Stadium was so surreal... I'm so happy they were able to take those few steps further than their seniors to reach western fans and the media just that bit more.

The just recently announced an extended break from activities and after watching them live, and seeing their Bring the Soul documentary a few days ago, I really respect their decision and hope they have a well deserved relaxing break from the industry to recuperate. When they eventually come back I'll be right there to support them!

Until then,

Minae x

wants and needs; summer 2019

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

It's been a hot minute since I last did a wish list, and since today is payday, i've made a little list of things i've had my eye on. I did so much overtime the last couple months so i want to treat myself a little, you know? There isn't really any skincare on the list since i'm trying to clear out my products and not compromise my skin with new products. Most of the products are surprisingly gadget related items which isn't unusual for me, but over the last few years I haven't really had them in my wish lists. Apart from my phone that needed upgrading, my laptop was my last big gadget purchase so it's been a while haha!
The layout of this post was inspired by the wonderful √Člise, so give her blog a follow! 
Will I manage to buy everything on this list? I doubt it lol but a girl can dream right? 

What's on your summer wish lists? 

Minae x 

life lately ; 01 - spring 2019

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

hello guys!
it's been a while since i've done a 'minae's life' post so i figured i'd do one here just to update you all on what i've been up to? i've kinda changed the title of 'minae's life' to simply 'life lately' since it fits better i think. since summer is finally here, i wanted to do a little recap on spring! I surprisingly got up to a lot this year!

Before the Easter break, my boyfriend and I booked a weekend off to go on our first baecation haha! We went to Paris! We spent one of the days in Disneyland and saw the Disney Illuminations show and it was the most magical experience! We took a romantic walk through the back alleys of paris all the way to the Arch de Triomphe and then rode scooters around the Eiffel Tower. In the evening we had the best Japanese food i've had in a while, along with some wine. Paris is the city of love right? So as a hopeless romantic, I was happy to spend our first trip together there.

Right after the trip, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see Aladdin in theater! To be honest, I was feeling really unsure about it since theater or live action versions of animated movies can either make or break them, but I was pleasantly surprised throughout the whole show! The genie was hilarious and really made the show. I loved the carpet scene, it was so romantic and looked like the carpet was actually flying lol! I'm even more excited to see the live action version of Aladdin in cinemas now. 
Spring was a great time for movies and tv shows as well! I caught up with the last couple seasons of Game Of Thrones in time to watch the season finale, and while it did leave me feeling disappointed, I was happy to finally know who 'took the throne' lol. I think we can all agree that, had the character development and story line been explored further in season 7, or had they given season 8 an extra 4 episodes, we could accept the plot twists that happened in the series, but alas..

I also watched Avengers: End Game and BOY did I shed the most tears in the house lol! I already knew what was going to happen but when it did oh man, I really couldn't hold them back anymore, sobbed like a baby haha. But the movie overall was the best Superhero film I've ever seen, and It was so surreal seeing 10 years of MCU come together like that. I've been a comic book fan since I was a little kid, and I can't thank the MCU enough for literally bringing these characters to life, it was such a fun ride and I know it's only going to get better from here, there's so much more to explore!

My spring ended with me handing in my final essay of the year on May 23rd. I was so proud of myself for getting it done in a timely matter and not falling victim to the procrastination monkey yet again lol. My essay was based on the Sneaker (Trainer) and how they have evolved from being a simple sports shoe to a shoe that is worn as everyday wear, and more recently as a statement piece in the modern day wardrobe. Since I wear a lot of black, my styling comes in the form of accessories and how they help to turn an 'outfit' into a 'look', so this was a interest I was happy to write about! By the time this post comes out I may already have my results for this essay but I'll keep you posted!
The first thing I did after finishing uni for the year? Go to expo of course! The London MCM Expo was on and I went on the friday with my sister! It was our 10th year anniversary of going there and It felt very weird? I remember our first trip there, with me wearing my vampire knight cosplay from tokyo toys and being so excited whenever a Sora cosplayer walked by LOL. 10 years on, everything is still the same, but there's so much more people and the cosplay's have gotten even better! Although I don't cosplay anymore myself it's still fun to see everyone having fun in their costumes. I spent most of my time indoors this year as I picked up some cute figures, walked down the artists alleys and played some fun games! Friday is the most peaceful day of the weekend so if you're looking for a chilled out day, definitely do friday!

And that's all for my Spring 2019! I enjoyed it so much and I know the year is only going to get better as I have so much more planned for this summer all the way up to Christmas lol! Speaking of Christmas, I was unboxing stuff at work this week and we've already received the Christmas decorations for this year!! How crazy, it's only July but they've come in already lol but they look so adorable! I don't know when we'll be releasing them yet, but i'm excited to see them all in store!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading, it was a real lengthy one today haha.
Until next time,


how to survive comic con, minae's top tips!

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Hello my little angels! How have you all been this May? I've finally finished my exams and my essays have been submitted. I'm so so happy to have that weight off my shoulders~  I can relax and get my summer holiday started! So, not long after woke up from a well deserved nap after submitting my final essay, my sister reminded me that expo is tomorrow, lolol. I've been so focused on completing this year of university that I totally forgot about may comic con! This post has been in the drafts for a long time now, so what better time to release it than now?!

I'm sure it needs no introduction, but let me do it anyway. The MCM London Expo is easily the most popular comic con in the UK. Anyone who loves Gaming, Comics, Anime, TV Shows, JPOP, and Movies can find something to enjoy at comic con. Since there are so many things to do and so many people, it can be a little chaotic at times. This comic con will actually be my 10th year attending, so I thought it would be cool to write a few tips on how to survive the crazy weekend! A lot of these tips will can be used for any convention, so whether you're attending Anime Expo or Comic Con, I hope you can use these small tips on your next trip! Let's get right into it!

my first (+ long overdue) glossier purchase!

Friday, 22 March 2019

hey hi hello guys, how have you all been? i've been doing alright lol. since i'm on break from uni and my my work schedule hasn't been too hectic, i have a lot of free time to chill out and pamper myself a little! 

I've heard a shit ton of stuff about the glossier brand, watched a bunch of grwm's featuring the products, and read a stupid amount of reviews on the whole purchasing experience. Why did I bother? because let's be honest, if you're gonna spend your hard earned coin on expensive brands, you gotta make sure what you're purchasing is worth it right? I decided to play it safe and get the most popular products to see if the hype is worth it lol

Purchase and Delivery  
Everything came up to £73 total, but by saving via ordering the sets rather than individually, and with a friend code, I saved enough to bring the total down to £58. I placed my order on the 12th feb, and it arrived on the 15th, which I think is pretty amazing considering how long I usually wait for most of my delivers to come in. I was a little annoyed though because not long after I received my order, glossier revealed their new range 'glossier play'??? Everything looks so exciting so I'm definitely going to place another order soon. 

So the first thing I tried was the overly hyped Milky Jelly Cleanser in the larger size (£15). This product is the sole reason this post is coming so late since I wanted to try out this product for longer than a month to see if it actually shows results. Now I'm gonna be honest, I was not impressed when I first swatched it. The main reason being the scent. They say it contains rosewater which helps the product smell great, but honestly all I could smell was a very strong chemical scent. It also doesn't remove makeup well, but this isn't a huge issue for me since I use this as the second step of my double cleanse. It is light weight despite the gel consistency. Did it show any results? Honestly no, but it's refreshing at least, if you ignore the scent. I would say it works well as a quick morning face wash.
Rating: image image image / 5

Next up is a product I only bought because I kept seeing adverts for it on youtube all the time. It's Boy Brow (£14), another overhyped product! Funnily enough, once I bought the product, I stopped seeing the ads lol. I got it in the shade Brown which I'm kinda ??? about? My natural hair colour is black, but many people recommended brown so I went with it hah. It looks BOMB when I do 'no makeup' makeup looks where I don't do much with my brows since they're quite nicely shaped anyway, but if i'm doing a full face with defined and shaped brows, black would be a better colour I think. If the price is too steep for you, I recommend the Tinted Brow Mascara by Nyx (£6) since they do the same thing. 
Rating: image image image image / 5 

Continuing with the eye products, I bought the Lash Slick Mascara (£14). I didn't see a lot of reviews on this compared to the first two but I thought I would give it a go anyway. Honestly I'm so so glad I did because this has now become my go to mascara! I have quite thin but long lashes that grow quickly (and fall out just as fast rip), and struggle to find a mascara that enhances the lashes without making them clumpy and spider-like. This product does all of that while giving them more volume but somehow also manages to keep the makeup looking natural? it's kinda mad still lmao. It also lasts the whole day?! I'm shook. The Milky Jelly Cleanser can't remove this, but an oil cleanser can.
Rating: image image image image image / 5

Now onto the last two products, the Cloud Paint blush things (£15) in the shades Storm and Haze. I'll put it out there now that I'm not a blush person at ALL because they always managed to make me look a hot mess but somehow this product blends effortlessly into my foundation to create the cutest tint and gives my face some life! They're also very build-able so you can use them for any kind of look. I'm still a little worried to try out the lighter shades but for now, I'm really satisfied with these two shades. I find myself using Storm more than Haze since the latter is just that bit more brighter and doesn't work with my skin undertone. I think If I repurchase this, I'll give Dusk a try. 
Rating: image image image image / 5

image image image image image image
And that's all she wrote! Thank you if you've gotten this far! I'm kinda disappointed that the only skincare product I bought didn't impress me in the slightest, but the makeup products made up for it. Would I buy from glossier again? Of course, but I want to try out the new Glossier Play stuff so I'll probably wont repurchase these products until I run out of them. Also if you saw me tease this post on my instagram story like two weeks ago, thank you for waiting so long for me to actually write the damn post lmao. I'll be back with more posts soon! 

Until then, 


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