Minae's Adventures ~ HYPER JAPAN 2014 + Haul! (Picture Heavy!)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hey Everyone! It's been a while hasn't it? 
I'm going to talk about my super ultra awesome day at Hyper Japan 2014! 
So what is Hyper Japan? Hyper Japan is, in short, a Japanese cultural festival. It's got every thing about japan that you can imagine. Hyper Japan unites people from all over the UK and overseas to celebrate Japanese culture, including Japanese History, Gaming, Fashion, Music, Food, Anime, the list goes on! I for one go for all aspects of the event, so I get to enjoy the festival a lot! 

Last weekend marked the second time I've attended the event, so I was a lot more prepared for everything than I was last year. I went on the Friday and second session of the Saturday, along with the Saturday After party! 

Here are a few photo's of the event! *I don't have any photo's of the event itself because I focused more on saving my camera for the people I wanted to take photo's of xD

The store Artbox had some super cute stationary! It was so hard to resist buying from them~ 

This cute little plant caught my eye the most out of all of the plants there. It's like a miniature tree! I wanted to buy it but I didn't have enough money for it (it was £55, mind you) and I wouldn't have been able to carry it home (the bottom was really heavy!) 

I awkwardly asked Broken Dollz for a photo! They were so cool about it and complimented me on my Cosplay ~

One of my favorite parts of the day was being able to see Ayumi Seto!!! 
She's one of my fashion inspirations so being able to see her face to face was just amazing!, I stood right at the front so I was able to get her attention and she waved at me! /dies/ 

A few other models from Moshi Moshi Nippon's fashion walk~

Another girl from Moshi Moshi Nippon I got to see was Yun*Chi! She's a super kawaii artist who is most known for being the "second Kyary" due to being under the same company as her. I was luckily able to meet her at the MMN stall and had a awkward yet amazing conversation with her that went a little like this! 
Me = Pink / Yunchi = Orange

*Looks at me* Hi there (in the cutest english ever) 

This is where my horrible Japanese comes into the conversation. I'll translate.

I, erhh saw you before, last years Hyper Japan. Really awesome! 
Really?! Thank you so much. 
Will you perform Starlight (her most recent single) today? 
Please sing! Do your best, goodbye~ 
Ahh, Thank you, bye bye! (in english)

I was in too much shock so I'm honestly surprised I even got to say anything to her haha! She's literally the cutest girl in the world with the most amazing music so If you haven't heard of her, please check her out! 
Here are a few photo's I got of her while she was performing! 

I also got to see YANAKIKU performing live for the second time!

There performance ended 10 minutes after the closing time of the event, so they scurried everyone out the moment they left the stage, which marked the end of a great weekend xD 

And, here are all the things I bought! 

The first book is a art illustration by Raynart (check out his deviantART!!) titled Astral Break. I haven't gotten round to reading it yet but from the first few pages I've seen it looks pretty good! I'll keep you all updated on that one~ 

The second book is a manga called Negiho Ito Mahora Little Girls. I don't know why I got this exatly, but the blurb made it sound interesting haha~ It seems to be a humorous slice of life manga which I enjoy reading a lot so hopefully I will like this one ^^;

I finally bought myself some Air drying clay! I've been wanting to make things for a while now and the last time I made anything with polymer or airdrying clay was 3 years ago! I still have my crafts for it so I can't wait to get back to it~ 

The plushie is non other than my all time favorite New Gen Pokemon, Sylveon! She's literally the cutest pokemon I've ever trained with and the connection I have with my Sylveon is too sweet so I couldn't resist getting a plushie version xD I now have another pokemon to keep my Pikachu company! 

Some ultra cute japanese sweets I got at various food stalls~ 
The first one is a Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY candy paste kit in the flavor grape! I've seen people raving about this kit for a while now, so I finally caved in and got it, I wonder how it tastes...
The second one is my favorite, HELLO PANDA! This is something I always have to get while I'm taking a trip to China Town or my local Japanese store. It's what I live on really xD
The last one is Kit Kat in the flavour Wa Ichigo (Strawberry). Again, its something that I always see bloggers and friends rave about but I've been too chicken to try it out (I stick to the original Kit Kat xD) So hopefully they taste delicious ~ 

The game I've been wanting since I saw a gif of Levi and Erwin singing together on tumblr, 
The best thing about this purchase was that, If you went up to the nintendo booth and showed them your 3DS/2DS, they would cut the original price of the game in half! Yes, that means I got this game for about £16!!! i'm super chuffed with this purchase and can't wait to play it (let's hope I don't neglect Pokemon X and ACNL)

Some other cute purchases. Some stickers to add to my never ending collection, a tofu cute membership card, and free tissues from the very kind man at the food stalls ^^ 

Last but not least, my favorite purchase of the weekend, I GOT A SUPER SONICO FIGURINE! 
I've been wanting a bunch of them for a good year now but I've never been able to buy them because when I wanted to buy them, they were too expensive but when I save up for them, they were sold out! Finally though, I was able to get this for only £18! that's about a third less than what they usually cost, so I'm super pleased with this ^_^ 

And that's it! 
I hope you enjoyed my little update!
If you attended the event, comment below on what your favorite part of the event was! 


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hello my fellow humans!  

I've got a new update for you~ 
Due to the previous 4 months preparing for exams and taking each exam, I've had to cut off many hobbies to make time for more revision. This meant NO VIDEO GAMES, NO WATCHING ANIME OR K-DRAMA, NO CATCHING UP WITH IDOLS, NO DANCING- Until I've finished my exams. 
Well, I did it. I put everything on hold and did my exams. It wasn't smooth sailing but I got there in the end. 
Since then I've been catching up with everything, but I haven't gotten round to dancing yet.. there are many songs that I want to cover so here is a list of all the things that I will (hopefully) be covering during the summer! 


Apink - Mr Chu
Apink has been crawling up my list of favorite girl groups (KPOP only, no one can beat Morning Musume haha) and no matter how much I hate to say it, I think SNSD has been defeated (after 4 years of them being my top girl group). Apink have been impressing me with everything they do and this comeback just pulled them to the top of the list for me! This choreography is so amazingly cute with hints of sexiness too which i love ;) 

F(x) - Red Light 

I really think SM should change f(x)'s name to f(SLAY) because damn this comeback was everything I wanted it to be and more. The choreo makes the MV look so chic and effortless but when performed live it's just amazing. The moment I saw the dance I was like "I have to cover this!", and i shall!

Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 

Okay this is a song that I didn't particularly want to dance to because Lee Hyori performs this in such a powerful way and I didn't want to look like a pleb when covering it haha. I got inspired to cover it again after watching Chris Koo's cover (you should check him out if you haven't already, he's awesome!) and needless to say, I've been itching to cover this! 


Morning Musume - Egao no kimi wa taiyou sa

This song is so cute and happy and seeing the girls perform this made me want to cover this too, naturally (as I am, an Idol myself haha). The dance is a lot less complex compared to Password is 0 or Ai no Gundan but it's still one of my favorite MM'13/14 dances. I love the choreography of the chorus and the dance break the most. 

NMB48 - Seishun no Lap Time

I was going to choose Koisuru Fortune Cookie but I feel like that one is so overdone and there are so many cover's of it online that the desire to cover it has depleted lol. This song however is one of my favorite 48 girls song. It's super cute and has a lot more complexity in the choreography. 

BoA - Masayume Chasing

Okay I don't really know how I'm going to be able to make a cover of this song because I haven't even seen the choreography to the verses yet. The MV only shows the dance to the chorus haha. Despite that, this song screams summer fun and dancing because you want to, so I'm really excited to dance to this (plus, FAIRY TAIL WHOOP) 


Strobo Night 

I've seen so many covers of this song for at least 4 years now and I just really really really want to dance to this eventually, so I'm going to make it my mission to dance to this song and upload it to my Youtube account before the end of the year! 

Renai Circulation 

Like Strobo Night, I've always wanted to learn this dance but never got round to learning it so I'm going to try my best to learn this one too, although this is a lot more easier than Strobo Nights..or any of the songs above tbh, so I might so this one first? 

~Songs that I know but have yet to record~
SHINee - Lucifer == T-ara - Roly Poly == Infinite - She's back == Morning Musume - Only You  == Love & Joy

And that's it! 
Let's hope I get to do at least 4 of these songs during this summer. I do however want to get as much of these done as possible because I know that there are going to be some amazing summer songs coming out this month and in August that will have awesome dances that I'll be itching to dance too. 

That's all for now, until this point here, its been, 

Minae's Summer Bucket list, 2014 edition!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Long time no see! 

Last month was so hectic for me so I didn't post anything at all! 
I'm sorry T_T

BUT, I'm back (hopefully for good)! I've finished school and have no more commitments that require hard work until September when I start back in College, so I hope that calls for a summer of many posts ^^

One thing I've been dying to do since finishing school was make a bucket list for this summer. I realized that my last exam was on the 13th June, meaning I've spent nearly a month doing, well...nothing. 

Hopefully this bucket list will change that, so enough with me blabbing, let's get listing! 

  1. Explore the City - I've noticed that although I've been living in London my whole life, I still don't know many area's of the city! London is a small but huge place that has many hidden area's waiting to be discovered, so I'm going to explore my home ground a bit more.
  2. Read a few books - I've bought quite a few books yet I've only read a few due to my heavy student schedule. Now that's out of the way I'm going to try to read them all.
  3. Visit a car boot sale day - I haven't been to one of these in years and have been wanting to do this for a while. The last time I went there I picked up about 9 games for the DreamCast (kudo's to you If you remember this console, double kudoo's if you still own one!) for about £10 pounds!
  4. Volunteer for something - My mum didn't like the thought of me pilling up more stress over school and house work, so I never did volunteering at secondary school, but I have a chance to do it now!
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Movie night - Another one that has been on my list for a long time yet has never gotten done. The plan? Drag a couple friends over to one of our houses, make some pizza, set up netflix, profit! (well, if profit = happiness)

  6. Visit an Amusement Park at night - I always do Parks during the day, but never at night. Not that I didn't want to do it, but because either my friends had to leave early or weather conditions (rain, naturally). The UK has been having long streaks of great weather minus the two days with ultra heavy rain, so I think this can be something I actually get to do this summer~
  7. Have a Barbeque - It's something I do every summer with my family and friends, but for some reason we never got round to doing it last year, so this is waaayy overdue, and SHALL BE DONE THIS SUMMER!
  8. Go Bowling and Ice Skating with friends - Me and my friends have made 3 second promises to do both of these things this summer, we just need to make a date for it~
  9. Visit a Botanic Garden - Despite my hay fever, going to Botanic Gardens is something I love doing. My most favorite one being Kew Gardens, which I go to every few years with my mother who loves gardening, so hopefully we get to do this again some time.
  10. Crafts Night - Since finishing my ART course I've been itching to do some artsy crafty stuff but haven't gotten around to do it yet. I want to create anything that comes to mind at that moment and go crazy with my trusty acrylics again!

  11. Build a fort - I can't make an actual fort but it would be fun to make a PILLOW FORT! It would look so cool making one with fairy lights on the blankets and have some friends over to watch movies or read magazines together inside the fort.
  12. Play some retro video games on a rainy day - I remember on a Saturday last year where there was a crazy storm, and my PS3 and 360's wifi's wasn't working at all, so I pulled out my Playstation 1 and popped in Final Fantasy 7. Needless to say, it was the most enjoyable way to play my games, so this one is a huge must on this years bucket list.
  13. Visit a Market - Like number 3, this is something I've not done in a while. There are many Markets that I want to re-visit (Camden Lock and Brick Lane Market's) and some I want to explore (Portobello and Spitalfields Market).
  14. Have a Picnic at the park - With friends or with family, it's one thing that really ties the bonds between each other while filling up the stomach. I haven't gone on a picnic since I was 9?! This is something that I'd enjoy doing more with my family.
  15. Pick up a sport - If I had to choose anything, it would be Badminton or Swimming, but my favorite sport is Archery so I would love to be able to pick that up some time before I'm 20~

  16. Go to a Festival or Outdoor Concert - After Missing both Coachella and Glastonbury (I MISSED SEEING DOLLY F**KING GLORIOUS PARTON I'M STILL PRESSED ABOUT THIS), this is a really hopeful must. It's an unlikely thing to happen right now because I'm broke but I still want to experience a festival like that before the summer ends.  Which brings me to the next one...
  17. Find a Summer Job - I've been living off the money my parents give me for 16 years and although I cherish every amount of money they give me, I need more LOL. It's expensive here in London, so literally everything you do costs. Getting a Job will help me out a bit so thumbs up for this one!
  18. Have a Spa Day - Again, its something I haven't done in a while. I recently found my decade old Bratz year book which had some awesome how to's on having a great spa day. Ten years later and I still haven't done anything on that list yet. I haven't had time for "me time" in a while so this will be the day I treat myself
  19. Go to the Beach - This one is a given really. What's a summer holiday without a visit to the beach? Saying that, I haven't been to the beach in 3 years! There aren't many in the UK so when there is a ray of sunshine everyone goes to the known ones (South End on Sea, Blackpool etc) which means it gets really crowded. Despite that, It's overdue, so I need to grab my SPF lotion and hit the beach~
  20. Do something that makes me feel like I've accomplished something each day - This is more of a year "to do" thing but I feel like it was necessary Last year, when the summer holidays were over I sat there thinking "I didn't do anything productive at all this summer" and kept kicking myself for it. This year I want to do ANYTHING that isn't doing nothing. 

And that's it! I ended up listing more than I expected too. I was initially going to write 10 but by the 16th one I was like, what the heck let's make it 20! I hope I get to do at least half of the things on this list. I'll be updating weekly on how much I've ticked off until the 1st September~

If any of you have something you would like to do this summer, or something you'd like me to blog about, feel free to leave a comment or a message! 
That's all for now folks, until now it's been, 

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