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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hi everyone, I hope you're all enjoying your week!
If you follow my twitter, you would know that I'm still recovering from my surgeries, which means that I've pretty much been sitting around all week trying to heal quickly under my doctors orders lol. It's giving me time to watch lots of anime and netflix, read a book or listen to music while trying to not move much haha!

One of the things that I've been doing is searching up on a lot of new artists on Soundcloud! I don't really have a certain taste in music, one day I could be listening to SHINee, the next day I'll be listening to Nicki Minaj or Morning Musume! What I love to see the most is artists who create mixtapes on soundcloud remixing their own songs or other artists, so today I'm going to be showing you all a few of the tracks that I've been loving lately!

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the week! For the last day or two I've been recovering from the hectic weekend I just had. As you all know, I went to Hyper Japan for the whole weekend and I had the greatest time there! I saw so many friends and met a ton of idols (DEMPAGUMI.INC!), It was just a crazy time, honestly. I'll be writing up a few blog posts about the event throughout next week, so look out for them! 

Today I am happy to announce that I have a new blog project to share with you all! As of this post, I will be collaborating with Alluring Alyss to talk about all things anime, and today's post will be based on our Top 10 Anime Waifus! This is my first collaboration project with another blogger so I'm super excited to be sharing this with you guys! I hope you all enjoy this post along with all the posts to come~!

Minae's Guide to Hyper Japan ♥

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hi everyone! 
How is your week going? Is the weather good in your country right now? 
Here in the UK, we're now experiencing "off" weather, where it's sunny one second, and raining the next! Usually in this condition we would see rainbows, but it's so cloudy that there's none in the sky~!

Hyper Japan is around the corner with only a few days left until the event! I'm extremely excited! 
For those of you who don't know, Hyper Japan is an annual event that celebrates all things Japanese including food, art, culture, fashion, anime and video games, which runs on the last weekend of July and occasionally the end of November for a Christmas market.
I've been to Hyper Japan twice now, and it's a lot different to other similar conventions in the UK such as MCM Expo or London Anime and Comic Con so I want to talk about the event during this post, and give a few tips on what to expect when going there, what to bring with you, and important things to remember while you're there! 

So let's get to it! 


Monthly Favorites (June 2015)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hello everyone! We are already half way through the year!! I can't believe it's gone this quickly. I never really noticed it until I finished my first year at college. How are you all finding this year? I've had lots of ups and downs but so far, it's much better than the previous years..
It's been crazy hot these last few weeks here in the UK, London especially. Yesterday we saw 38 degrees which is the highest it's ever been, surpassing the last hottest day here which was 9 years ago! 9 years ago I was learning my 9 times tables!! It's crazy how hot its gotten. I have to leave my fan on during the night because it's 20 degrees all night and I can't stand the thought of leaving the windows open and allowing bugs to come into my room haha. Oops I'm rambling.. 

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