Minae's Life ♥ 07/52

Friday, 17 February 2017

Hi everyone! 

I got this idea of doing weekly updates on my blog, just talking about things that happened during the week, after being inspired by oh my little girl's post, and princessmei's youtube video. I already do Minae's Life which is basically the same thing, I'm just changing the style of how I do it lol. Actually, I just wanted to have a genuine chat with you guys, about how I'm doing, and maybe tell a story or two? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little chit chat. 

The clouds where beautiful that day, i took this on the last day of college before half term began. 

This week has been filled with love. That's expected though, because it was Valentines Day. I had actually planned multiple posts for the event, but was run down with the flu throughout last week, and didn't have the time to write them up. Lucky me ha. I spent most of the week trying to complete art projects and resting whenever I could. I took it upon myself to create a few spreads for my bullet journal, since it helps me relax and gather myself for the upcoming weeks. 

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