life lately ; 03 - what's up danger?

Friday, 30 August 2019

*immediately after taking this photo i told my boyfriend to clean his dirty mirror lol 
The past few weeks have been extremely hot in the UK right now and I'm honestly not really impressed lol. I'm definitely an autumn kind of girl and I really can't wait for that season to finally land. Summer is great an all, but not when London is hitting the high 30's! If I wanted this kinda temperature I would have flew out to Dubai lmao

The two weeks before my holiday to Rhodes, Greece, I got up to quite a lot of really fun stuff!

July 2nd was the release of Spiderman: Far from home and my boyfriend surprised me with tickets so off we went! GUYSSSS it's literally one of my favorite marvel films ever! Tom Holland is imo the best Peter Parker and the best Spiderman. He knows how to play the character well! Jake Gyllenhaal really surprised me and throughout the film, I almost forgot he was the villain. The story really focused more on the affects of End Game and how people were trying to cope with the events. I liked that because I feel like we get caught up in the superhero part and forget about the lives of normal folk in the films. Unlike Iron Man or Capt who's lives revolve around their superhero, Peter is still a kid so they did well showing that to us. The ending credits.. omg i'm so excited for Spiderman 3 lol. (i wrote this before the sony/disney deal broke off lol... rip me)

*i didn't have any photo's of the actual pride event rip so here are a bunch of random pics i took that week 
July 6 was Pride in London! I was finally able to attend a pride parade! I'm usually always working during that time, and unfortunately the parade doesn't go past my store, so I always miss the festivities. My colleagues who didn't have work that day told me it was starting a little later than usual, so I could catch the second half of the parade after my shift! I went to meet up with them and had the best time! It's not often we meet up outside of work hours, and it felt so great to be ourselves and celebrate our truths! I tend to not really talk about this much since bisexuals get a lot of shit when we're in hetero-normative relationships but that day I felt accepted my my peers and everyone around me, It was so fun! I hope I can go next year haha

July 7 I attended NCT 127 'NEO CITY' in London! I've been soooo excited to see this group perform and I literally fell out of my ass when they announced a tour date in the UK lol. My sister and I went to the concert and had the best time! Regular is literally my favorite kpop boy group song in ages so when that started playing I was off my tits. 😂 The concert was so fun and the venue felt quite intimate. We had a lot of MC moments so we could talk to the members a lot more. I didn't realize a lot of the members spoke english really well haha. Johnny's british accent flopped dramatically but he promised to improve and show us again soon! My camera roll is literally filled with Jaehyun pics since he's my bias lol

July 12 was Day One for Hyper Japan! It was the events 10th anniversary but honestly it didn't really feel like it.. it felt like any normal hyper japan which was a shame since they promoted it like it was a big deal for them so I expected a lot more. But the event was still just as enjoyable as all the other years. I went with my sister and spent a lot of time in the artist alleys, queuing up for food, and playing dragon ball z (which is a super fun game and i kinda want to buy it now lol). Necronomidol performed on the hyper live stage too and it was so fun! The members walked passed me and I posted about it on twitter, then they followed my twitter! I was so happy ^^;

On the 13th I jetted off to greek island of Rhodes, and that's where this post ends haha

Until next time
Minae ✨

summer anime watch list 👀

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Hey guys! I know I know, two months with TWO blog posts each? I'm finally back haha! 

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Boku no hero Academia
Since Myanimelist died on me last summer it created a whole fiasco where I got locked out of my account and of course, as I don't have access to the email I made when I was like 8, I couldn't regain my account, so I had to make a new one. While doing that I had to convert everything from my previous account to my current one, including the actual anime list. I had over 72 'plan to watch' anime, with half of them being anime I no longer had any intention of watching, so I went through each and every anime, read the synopsis's of them all, and decided whether I really planned on watching them anytime soon. needless to say, I didn't lol so around 50 anime slashed from the list, I began to focus on the anime I did actually plan to watch and got started on them this summer!

Boku no Hero Academia, the anime I had planned to watch for such a long time but just couldn't be bothered to start lol.. I finally got round to it! Your typical shounen anime, Main character Deku wants to be a Hero so he can be respected and help others, angry rival, loud glasses boy, cold guy that always ends up being popular, girl that only exists to develop main characters plot, the list goes on! While I did enjoy it a lot and got through all 3 seasons in 1 week (lol), I do feel like it was over hyped. It follows the same formula as any average shounen anime so I didn't really feel like I was watching something new if that makes sense? I feel like Deku is a bit of a weak protag compared to other MC's and I found myself liking Todoroki and All Might more. I absolutely hated Bakugo in season one and two but even in season 3 I found myself liking him, or rooting for him more than Deku, so I hope he gets better character development in the series soon. I also hope Uraraka gets a more fleshed out story then "i like deku and can control gravity" because right now I'm getting Hinata or Kairi vibes and it's annoying 😅

Image result for urusei yatsura
Urusei Yatsura
I recently got into watching old school anime! My love for the city pop genre and the idol genre brought me down the inevitable road of Showa era idols (idols from the 80's and 90's). One anime in particular always showed up in youtube videos of city pop playlists as clips, that one being Urusei Yatsura. With over 100 episodes I was hesitant to watch it but I finally caved in and holy shit guys, its literally become one of my favorite anime looool it's so fun to watch! It follows a school kid Ataru who, due to some weird events and his constant horny antics lol, has to marry this alien girl called Lum to keep the peace between her world and earth. Every episode makes me laugh and the character are all really developed and interesting. You know how you kinda lose interest if the episode focuses on someone that isn't the main few characters? I don't feel that with this anime. Even the side characters are entertaining. Lum is so cute, I want her as my best friend lol.

Another old anime I began watching is Creamy Mami! omg guys its so fucking hard to find episodes online to watch this show so when I found a youtube account that had the first 20 episodes I thought 'what the heck' and just began watching them at night before bed. It's so relaxing to watch magical girl anime just before I sleep, so I enjoyed this very much! You can definitely see where Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew got their concepts from. Sticking to the magical girl theme, I've also been watching Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!! You guys know how much I love Kuro haha so despite her not being the main character, I love watching this anime! I also began watching Flying Witch! It's such a relaxing anime that's still humorous and engaging. it's something I definitely recommend watching while you're having a lazy day in bed recharging.

Image result for kimetsu no yaiba ep 6
Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)
Fire Force was one of the few actual 'summer 2019' anime I've been watching and I'm not gonna lie to you guys, it's a little bit of a let down so far.. I don't want to jump the gun and say it's the worst and i'm going to drop it, but I feel like the beautiful graphics are carrying the show. It seems to have a multiple plot lines but isn't sure how to relay them all, whilst giving us back stories for other characters. It's trying to do everything at once and it's making the overall experience lackluster. I do hope i'm wrong and the next few episodes shows some more character development and more insight to the story line, so we'll see where it goes and i'll update you later on.

The last one is Kimetsu no Yaiba and wow guys. wow. I really love this show. Like, really love this show! I've been watching anime since I came out the womb and I don't think i've ever seen a shounen be done so right! It has the usual shounen trope, 'my life was ruined due to x reason and now I vow to destroy all things that are titans/ghouls/government etc', but it has a twist. No, the MC Tanjirou, doesn't become a 'evil thing he yearned to destroy' but his sister Nezuko did instead, so he goes on a journey to protect her. While he is technically a 'Demon Slayer' he recognizes that these demons were once humans and gives them a merciful death. I really like this since so many shounen mc's love to build their kill list knowing full well they're human and it's always like ??? to me lmao.
Despite the last few episodes having a spider family which left my arachnophobia triggered for days, the anime has been absolutely flawless for me. From the story line to the character development, the amazing graphics and the great soundtrack, everything is engaging in some way and I do believe it's the best shounen anime i've seen in a very very long time. There's only around 4 episodes left according to MAL but I can't wait for them to announce a new season, because they have to! Easily Anime of the Year.

My new mal is minaeshit, so feel free to check out the rest of my currently watching list!

Until next time,

Minae ✨

life lately ; 02 - speak yourself

Monday, 12 August 2019

hey hey hey!
Hows your summer been treating you all? Honestly right now the uk is seeing 33-37 degrees on average this week and although i've just come back from greece where the heat was in the 30's (Celsius), heat like this is just... different in the uk. It's hard to explain but it's like, the air is hot?There's no breeze and it's soo humid. Our building are made to keep the heat in since we're usually a cold country but man... it's fucking out lol. The 5 fans in my house help a little though.

Summer for me kicked off in the best way possible since literally days after I handed in my final essay and went to comic con, I enjoyed what might possibly be one of the best concerts i've ever seen! On the 1st June, BTS' 'Speak Yourself' tour stopped at London, and me, Molly, and Amy, went to see them!

I never really spoke about my love for BTS on here before because honestly, I wouldn't really consider myself an army... I love a lot of their songs and I have my favorite member, but I don't watch their shows religiously or their V lives and concert fancams on youtube like I would for say, Shinee or Seventeen. I do really love the group though, enough to not want to miss huge event. I've been a kpop fan for well over 10 years now and I never would have believed anyone who said a kpop group would sell out 2 dates at Wembley Stadium. that's fucking HUGE! It would be a crime to miss it lol.

A day or so before the concert, let me tell you god was not on my side haha.
You guys remember how I work for disney right? So, I had finished my shift literally ran home to sleep and chill or whatever, as you do lol. I get home, I'm enjoying my afternoon and then Molly texts me this photo saying "hey isn't this your store?!?!?" with this iconic photo! You guys know where this is going right??? :)))))

Yup, J-hope visited my store on the day of my shift, after I had already finished it. What absolute shit luck lmfao. I hate to be bitter but.... WHYYYYYYYYY??? I only went to day one of the concert so the next day when I went back to work, all my colleagues were like "hey that kpop group you like was here! you missed them!" :))) All I could do was laugh lol... 

The concert! 

I had a date the night before so I knew I couldn't meet up with Amy and Molly at 6am like they planned lol. They wanted to wait in line for the 3D studio so they left early. I met up with them around 1pm? Guys let me tell you, everything looked so beautiful. As soon as you came out of the station you could see all the banners with the members faces on it leading right up to the stadium! 

I quickly met up with them and from then on I just had a really amazing time! They lined up with me to pick up my light stick and then we went to eat and cool down since it was super hot. The restaurant we went to was playing BTS the whole time, we walked in and was like "???huh" lol but the food was great and so were the staff! After that we got a few drinks and went straight inside the stadium an hour or so before the show.

The actual concert was incredible! I didn't want to know the set list beforehand to keep it all a surprise for me, and I was blown away from the second it started until the end haha! Not Today is one of my favorite songs from then and I was so shocked when it came up so quickly lol, I thought they would leave it until the end. My favorite part was the solo stages! Seeing all the different sides to the boys was a nice experience, since i'm so used to seeing them as a group it was nice to see them express themselves in their own way, it really suited the concerts theme of 'speaking yourself' hahaa

Suga and Jungkook are my favorite members so of course I enjoyed their songs the most, but Rapmon and J-hope surprised me and I really liked their performances too. Ngl I would skip their songs but after seeing it live I appreciate them a lot more.  I enjoyed the concert so much and felt really grateful for the experience. They performed their heart out and we could tell they were so thankful to be there.

I remember when Shinee was announced to perform at the Korean film festival in 2011? and only 200 tickets were going for it. I remember attending Super Juniors and Big Bang's Wembley Arena concerts 2012 with tears in my eyes thinking no way is this happening. I remember meeting Key, the members of Suju, Infinite, Beast, 4minute, and so many more groups who one by one just kept showing up to perform for us each year. From only being able to see short 240p clips of concerts and variety shows in 20 parts on youtube, so getting all of it right to my front door? I'm really grateful I got to experience kpop since the start of the hallyu wave. Seeing BTS perform in a Stadium was so surreal... I'm so happy they were able to take those few steps further than their seniors to reach western fans and the media just that bit more.

The just recently announced an extended break from activities and after watching them live, and seeing their Bring the Soul documentary a few days ago, I really respect their decision and hope they have a well deserved relaxing break from the industry to recuperate. When they eventually come back I'll be right there to support them!

Until then,

Minae x

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